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In September 2004 we were granted the internationally esteemed and affirmed standard of Investors in People. This is awarded for encouraging the development and determination of quality/assessment/ standards in Human Resource Development (HRD).

A company which conforms to /is harmonized with/  the standard has a clear vision and fully shaped development objectives, so that in accordance with them it can plan the activities to satisfy its own needs, the needs of its clients /customers/, and also those of each individual employee.

OQEAIn the year 2005 we took part in a national developmental project Offering Quality Education to Adults (OQEA) coordinated by the Slovenian Institute of Adult Education (SIAE).

OQEA is a model for evaluation and development of quality in adult education based on self-evaluation of educational organisations for adults. Through this model we evaluate the quality of our work in the education process by means of different indicators (the process, organisation, methods of work, trainers' work, post-sales activities etc.), we measure the satisfaction of our trainers and participants, and thus 9build up the cooperation with our clients and business partners.

Excellent SME We take pride in belonging to the elite of those Slovenian companies holding a certificate of excellence Excellent SME i.e. Excellent small and medium-sized company. The certificate is awarded by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the international credit rating agency Coface to those selected companies, which are, despite the economic crisis, able to run their business successfully and achieve excellent business results.

In the harsh economic situation the business risk for companies is increasing, as well as the risk for consumers. In such circumstances trust and credible information about the safety of operations and good business practice of the company, which the certificate of Excellent SME proves, are even more important for every customer.

AAA In 2023 (as also in previous years) we are ranked among the best legal entities in Slovenia by a credit rating international company Dun & Bradstreet, with a highest credit rating of AAA - Gold Creditworthiness. In other words, we are ranked among 2.7% of the best legal entities in Slovenia achieving the highest creditworthiness rate.

In the field of education there are 3,306 registered companies in Slovenia altogether, and among them there are only 20 or 0.6% companies like us with exceptional international AAA Gold Creditworthiness rating.

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A team of professionals

We strive to provide the impetus for continued innovation and development by creating a work environment which supports the immense creativity and energy of the corporate training market. We take pride in our workforce of more than 50 educational trainers, consultants and other professionals from all over Europe. They are all highly skilled experts, who acquired knowledge and experience in all business segments and industries. With them, we can offer a wide range of leading-edge training skills and the ability to work in multi-cultural environments anywhere in the world.

How we do it in practise

Our training and consulting programs are custom-made and usually carried out in small groups, which enables the continuous and dynamic interaction between trainers and course attendants. Guided practical experience based on the core theories makes up for at least 80% of all the workshop or seminar activities.


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