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Who is Glotta Nova

Glotta Nova is a private international adult education training centre. It was born in the year 1992, out of the enthusiasm of two experts in adult education, Jelica Pegan Stemberger and Tatjana Dragovic.

Today, Glotta Nova comprises a team of educational trainers, professionals and experts, theoreticians and practitioners, who have acquired their knowledge both at home and abroad, and are specialized in the following areas: leadership, motivation, rhetoric, communication, sales, marketing, design and team management /leadership/, design and goal achievement, creativity and innovativeness, time management, stress control /handling stress/, trainer education, rapid learning and reading, personal growth /development/, languages, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), systemic thinking and other areas which enable the employees to achieve wide-ranging competences, including personal, business and professional excellence.

Most of our educational programmes are directed towards the further education of staff in companies and institutions. Consequently, the major part of the course content is directed towards company owners, directors, entrepreneurs, managers, other leading and administrative staff, sales and marketing personnel, research & development staff, professional associates, organizers, in-house trainers and other employees.

GLOTTA in ancient Greek, means: voice, word, news, message,…, - hence, COMMUNICATION,...
...and if we then add the word NOVA (means NEW in Slovene), then all is crystal clear,...
- the time has come for NEW COMMUNICATION!!!

Our Mission

To enable organizations and individuals to achieve business and personal excellence.

Our Vision

To become the leading Slovenian educational-consultancy institution /educational & advisory institution/ for the development of communication and other skills /competencies/, and to become publicly recognized and valued throughout Europe.

Our Values

Knowledge, quality, positive relations, respect, originality, creativity, flexibility, openness, co-operativeness, daring, being different, sociability, professionality, expertise, personal growth, personal approach, reliability /trustworthiness/, support, friendliness, helpfulness /obligingness/, and homeliness /congeniality/.

Our Philosophy

The basis of our activities is the principle that shifts /directional changes/ in organizations are conditioned by changes in individuals, since it is they who are the heart and motor of the environment in which they operate.

Every change arises from experience. Frequently it is not enough for one to approach the resolution and understanding of a critical situation merely in a rational way. The recognition of the need for change is certainly the first necessary step towards accomplishing it, which also entails a palpable and kindred »experience« of a different approach to the problem and to its solution.

Education within the framework of our training centre is precisely that: i.e., leading /guiding/ the individual through the process of personal »transformation«, which will lead the individual's entire environment towards excellence (hence also the organization within which he or she works).

Our Motto

Investment in knowledge yields the highest interest. (Benjamin Franklin).


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