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Social Responibility

If a company wishes to be socially responsible, it should always be such that by sound business management it not only ensures its own existence, but also has a positive effect on society and on the environment in which it operates. This is something we are well aware of at Glotta Nova, and this is also how we operate.

Since knowledge, and the acquisition thereof, contributes vitally to improving the quality of life of individuals – although frequently they cannot »treat themselves« to learning – we offer to individuals and to groups a full range of free or very moderately priced forms of education, learning /study/ and counselling.
  • Throughout the year participants can enrol /join/ free of charge in the students' circles, studies at the Centre for independent /self-directed/ learning, and make use of the study aids, free e-learning, etc.
  • Throughout the year we keep the public informed about lifelong learning (the Lifelong Learning Week, educational counselling, free monthly workshops, education and information via the web pages).
  • We also demonstrate our sense of responsibility by caring for others and helping them to attain their desires and aims.
  • Since happiness /good fortune/ is one of the rare things which is returned if you share it, we enable some individuals to participate free of charge in the programmes (the socially excluded /marginalised/, individuals with special needs,…).
  • To several educational groups, working in the non-profit domain, we offer free use of study space.
  • We assist students in preparing and defending graduate and postgraduate papers.
  • Our company is formed by our staff and outside associates. These are not exceptional people doing everyday things – they are everyday people doing exceptional things. For this, however, it is important to have constant education and a good feeling shared among colleagues. And both are the essence of our mission.
  • Further proof that this does matter to us, and that we have a high sense of social responsibility, is given by our receiving the international standard Investor in People.
  • With the aid of the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, we organize a wide range of low-cost educational courses in the fields of active citizenship, education for democracy, searching for employment /job-seeking/, etc.
  • We collaborate on a non-profit basis in several international and Slovenian projects which are concerned with developing skills for the needs of companies or institutions, and also in certain other fields.


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